To be able to meet exactly your needs we offer three different Deluxe Catalog solutions: Single, Multi and Unlimited. All our solutions includes; free support, access to the administration-system, ALL functions and ongoing updates.

See the description of the three different solutions below.

Deluxe Catalog Single

The solution Deluxe Catalog Single is intended for customers, who needs 1-5 online publications.

With the Single solution we offer to manage the whole process. You just have to send us the PDF file. You can also choose to manage the process yourselves with our user friendly administration-system.

Deluxe Catalog Multi

The solution Deluxe Catalog Multi is intended for the customers, who needs 6-24 digital publications.

By choosing the Deluxe Catalog Multi solution you have to manage the production and conversion yourselves by using our user friendly administration-system. If you should have any questions you are welcome to contact our support.

Deluxe Catalog Unlimited

The solution Deluxe Catalog Unlimited is intended for customers, who needs more than 24 online publications.

This solution gives you the opportunity to create an unlimited number of publications within a given period of time.

By choosing the Deluxe Catalog Unlimited solution you have to manage the conversion process yourselves by using the user friendly administration-system.