The markets best reseller-arrangement

Deluxe Catalog is always looking for companies who wish to have the opportunity to offer their clients our great electronic catalog solution.

The only thing our resellers have to do is to tell us when one of their clients have placed an order for an e-catalog. Then we will upload the catalog.

It is possible to have the catalogs individually customized, so that it fits perfectly to your customer’s needs and corporate identity. We also give you the opportunity to get your own logo and layout on the interface of the catalogs you resell.

The Deluxe Catalog reseller agreement is primarily focused towards advertising agencies, media bureau, graphic companies and other similar companies. But everyone is welcome to contact us if they wish to know more about our exciting dynamic catalog solution.

A close collaboration is a must and we gladly help your clients if they need any support, but the direct public relations you have to handle yourself.

As a reseller of Deluxe Catalog you get:

  1. the opportunity to resell a high quality page flip solution

  2. a high service level

  3. the opportunity make additional sales to existing clients

  4. good commission based sale arrangement

  5. the opportunity to determine price for the end customer

  6. flexible terms

  7. you will always be kept up to date with any changes in the Deluxe Catalog software

  8. participation in which new functions should be implemented in future versions of Deluxe Catalog

If you like to know more you are welcome to contact us. You can call +4 0755 147 400 or fill out the form under “Contact”.