Insert video

You can insert videos inside your Deluxe Catalog with a simple drag and drop function in the administration- system.

Offline publication

With a single click you are able to download an offline-version of the Deluxe Catalog, which can be dis-
tributed on CD-Rom, USB-pen or similar.

Upload background image

You are able to add your own background image for your catalog in the online administration-system.

Password protection

If you wish to limit the access to your Deluxe Catalog, you can add password-protection.


With a simple click the user can zoom in any part of the page. You are able to zoom up till 200%, which insures high quality.


With link-tool, which is placed in the administration-system, you can add external and internal links directly to your online publication.


The user is able to print selected pages in the publication.

Tell a friend

With the “Tell a friend” function your
Deluxe Catalog can circulate and be seen all over the Internet.

Overview of pages

The user is able to see the entire publication in miniature and directly access the page that he/she finds interesting.

Multilingual interface

Deluxe Catalog is as standard available in different languages. Please contact us with your particular language needs

Help function

Deluxe Catalog comes with a simple built in help function, that explains all features in the Deluxe Catalog.

Adjusts to screen size

Deluxe Catalog adapts to screen resolutions, which means that your publication always appears in the largest possible format.


With the built in search function, your readers can search for words and phrases inside your online publication.

Search engine optimized

A Deluxe Catalog is optimized so that search engines can index the text within the catalog. This will help you get more visitors directly from search engines.

Interface layout

For the Deluxe Catalog interface you can choose between five different color schemes.

Detailed statistics

It is possible to see advanced statistics for each Deluxe Catalog, such as, number of visitors, pages seen by your visitors and lots more.

Welcome text

In the Deluxe Catalog administration-module you can type in a personal welcome text, which is displayed in the online publication.

Upload your own logo

In the administration-module you can upload your own company logo and make it link directly to your own company website.

Download PDF file

Each catalog can be downloaded as a PDF- file.

Mini teaser

When you create your Deluxe Catalogs, the system automaticly produces a mini flipping mag, which you can use on your website to link to the big pageflip.