What is Deluxe Catalog?

The Deluxe Catalog is a new exciting alternative or supplement to the traditional PDF-files and print articles. Deluxe Catalog transformes your static PDF-files into a dynamic digital pageflip-application that makes your marketing material stand out.

Deluxe Catalog gives your company the opportunity to publish it's printed material directly on the Internet.

Deluxe Catalog can be used for many different types of publications. For example product-catalogs, brochures, newspapers, magazines, books, email-campains, annual reports among many other things.

Your readers will save time

Spar dine læsere for downloadtid

With a Deluxe Catalog the readers of your publication will save time compared to the traditional PDF-files, because of a shorter downloadtime. This is do to the fact that Deluxe Catalog dosen't load the whole catalog at once, but gradually. This way you don't risk loosing some of your readers during the loading time.

Easy to use

Deluxe Catalog is designed so that it is easy and simple for your readers to navaigate. But in case the reader should get confused, Deluxe Catalog has a help-function that is simple and easy to understand.

Your publications will look great on the Internet

Put dine tryksager online

Deluxe Catalog makes your print articles look good - also on the Internet.

Benefits both your economy and the enviroment

With Deluxe Catalog you will save money compared to traditional printing. And you will also saven money on shipment and spare the enviroment.